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Video screening design for a dance piece  by Ranana Raz

‘WART’ is the meeting point between the two edges of the human consciousness: war and creation.

It is the creation process of an alternative reality, consisting of images and elements identified with war, creating a new syntax for them, decontextualizing them and placing them in a new world, fantastic and good. The world created wishes to extricate reality from itself, and convert the contemporary to the eternal, the automatic to the unpredictable and turn ugliness into beauty.

Everything taking place in ‘WART’ resonates as an echo to reality, yet is not obliged by its codes. In uninhibited sequences, wild and imagined, in the shadow of the horror taking place outside, a new plot is being weaved.

Performers: Olivia Court Mesa, Ofer Amram and Renana Raz.
Video design: Yaara Nirel
Original music and soundtrack design: Or Moran
Stage design: Zohar Shoef
Props: Adi Shlomovich
Costumes: Noa Curiel
Puppet design: Einat Sanderovich

Photos by David Kaplan

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