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The Solitude of the Last Mammoths

Dance & video piece

Created by Yaara Nirel and Maayan Libman-Sharon

A random newspaper headline was the inspiration for this piece, which deals with questions of technology, humanity, extinction and solitude.

Are we destined to be extinct by technology?


The technological age in which we live creates a sense of solitude.

The digital arena generates an illusion that we can be present at an unlimited number of places at the same time.

Where are we in relation to this space?

In a reality that takes place on two levels simultaneously, where is our physical being?

Concept: Yaara Nirel, Maayan Liebman-Sharon, Maya Resheff

Video and space design: Yaara Nirel

Dancer: Maya Resheff

Original Soundtrack: Liron Meshulam

Costume: Maya Resheff

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