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Video design of a theater piece, written and directed by Ofer Amram

A man in his daily routine slowly loses his eyesight and hearing. In order to escape the long arms of darkness and with the help of three angels, he embarks on a journey where he will cope with his fears, diminish his loneliness and discover his passions.

At the end of the journey, when darkness fills the earth and there is a complete silence, he meets a woman.


Participating: Mordy Weis, Revital Bennun, Mohamad Shaqqur, Inbar Goren, Galiya Tzur, Feiga Swirsky Troupiansky, Liora Demeter.
Music: Yuval Masner
Costume Design: Inbal Ben-Zaken
Lighting Design: Shachar Werechson
Video Design: Yaara Nirel
Assistant Director: Itay Plaut
Set Production: Zohar Shoef

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