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E-Sheket / 116 reasons

Dance & video piece

Collaboration between a choreographer, a video artist and a scientist created a piece investigating the point of interface between the technological alienation and the human existential anxiety state.

Choreographer Maayan Liebman-Sharon, video-artist Yaara Nirel and Dr. Ofra Benny, studied over the past year the synthesis of nanoscience and visual art.

The living body is examined under the lens of microscope - enlarged, duplicated, dismantled and creates a molecular complex world, remarkably close to the chaotic reality in which we live in.

The work was created as a part of the “Nano-art” project, that combines art and nanoscience, initiated by The Jerusalem Municipality, The Hebrew University, Machol Shalem center, Hazira and Maamuta.

Choreography: Maayan Liebman-Sharon
Video and Space design: Yaara Nirel
Partner and scientific consultant: Dr. Ofra Benny
Co-Dancers: Erin Shand, Maya Resheff
Artistic guidance: Ruby Edelman
Music: Terry Riley / Original Music and Sound Editing: Amit Ben-Atar
Costume Design: Gali Librayder

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